I’m Anne, an avid diner, cook and recipe blogger. I spend much of my time with all things food—perfecting recipes and experimenting with new ones, eating out, and taking photographs of everything beautiful and edible along the way.

I grew up with an amazing and inspiring cook for a mother, who made everything from scratch and everything nutritious. And while having peanut butter that actually required stirring embarrassed me as a kid, I now realize how my mother’s strong set of kitchen ethics greatly influences how I cook and eat today.

Aside from a few random dinner parties, food didn’t emerge as a player in my life until 2009 when I decided to switch gears, move from Los Angeles back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I had grown up, and apply for a job at Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, CA. Having no prior restaurant experience, I weaseled my way into a position as a busser upstairs in the café. During the years following, I worked every position in the front of the house, ultimately pairing and serving wine and food in the downstairs restaurant, having enjoyed every step of the journey.

By that point local farmers markets and cooking for friends and family had become pillars of my life, pillars that remained despite leaving my job at Chez to care for my father who had been recently diagnosed with cancer. During this time, my abundance of food allergies flared (stress, perhaps?) and while cooking continued as usual, I began to develop and test an extensive collection of recipes that maintain the integrity of food while omitting key ingredients and finding alternate ones. Within months I had compiled thousands of recipes.

Taking care of family business and recommencing a previously started graduate program in Graphic Design prevented me from returning to Chez Panisse, but everything I learned there was well engrained. After some prodding from friends and family to share the recipes for “Anne food,” as it had been dubbed, I added a blog to my graphic design website, and started photographing and posting my recipes.

A few years ago I left Marin County, and set up home base in both northwestern Connecticut and Sun Valley, Idaho. A lot has changed, but as usual, all things food have persisted. So it’s time once again for a change of gears, to pursue what’s been floating on the sidelines since leaving Chez Panisse. Here’s Anne food. No longer a graphic designer’s footnote, but a project in and of itself: recipes, restaurant reviews and discoveries, photographs, and all things food.

Anne food. is almost always gluten-free, mostly pescetarian, often vegan, and never contains nightshades. I hope you enjoy!